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3.1 Symbols

1. What is meant by an algebraic expression? Give an example:
An algebraic expression is an algebraic statement, but with no equal sign. For instance: 2xx+3
2. What is meant by an algebraic equation? Give an example:
A algebraic equation shows two equal statements or expressions. For instance: 2xx+3=2y5
3. What is a sequence? Give an example:
A sequence is a collection of numbers or algebraic terms that follow a pattern. For instance: 2x, 4x, 6x, nx
4. What is an term? Give an example:
A term is part of an expression or equation or sequence, often a term is seperated by plus sign and minus signs. In the following equations ( 2x+2y3=2w ) we have the following terms: 2x, 2y, 3, 2w

Learning the Vocabulary of Algebra

You have to understand the words associated with algebra, and maths in general. If you don’t then you will not understand what the exam questions are asking.

Often knowing what is being asked of you is the difficulty with maths.


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